Bulldogs News · Athletic Clearance Begins For 2018-2019

Starting March 30th, athletes can begin their clearance process for the 2018-2019 athletic seasons.

Keys to athletic clearance success:

  1. Create an account for the 2018-2019 season at athleticclearance.com.
  2. Select every sport you would like to be cleared for.
  3. Get a new physical during the month on May!
  4. Bring a hard copy of your physical and parent signed clearance confirmation to the Athletic Office.
  5. Come with your team on your assigned date to see Ms. Pippen in the Athletic Office for clearance:
·         5/1 FOOTBALL
·         5/2 CROSS COUNTRY
·         5/3 GOLF
·         5/4 GIRLS TENNIS
·         5/8 GIRLS VOLLEYBALL
·         5/9 CHEER
·         5/10 BOYS WATER POLO
·         5/11 BOYS BASKETBALL
·         5/15 GIRLS BASKETBALL
·         5/16 BOYS SOCCER
·         5/17 GIRLS SOCCER
·         5/18 GIRLS WATER POLO
·         5/22 WRESTLING
·         5/23 BOYS VOLLEYBALL
·         5/24 BASEBALL
·         5/25 SOFTBALL
·         5/29 BOYS LACROSSE
·         5/30 GIRLS LACROSSE
·         5/31 SWIM
·         6/1 BOYS TENNIS
·         6/5 TRACK
·        INCOMING FRESHMAN- Clearance will be handled via the athletic office 6/6-6/9 from 2:30-4:00.  This will be discussed at family night on 4/16/18.
If an athlete misses their assigned date, they can come in the following Monday from 2:30-3:30 as a makeup.  They can also make an appointment with Ms. Pippen before the end of the school year (June 8, 2018).
Important Clearance Policies:
Clearance for a season of sport must be completed before the tryout date. Tryouts must occur within the two weeks prior to the start of season*. We will not clear anyone past the tryout date. Only transfer students will be cleared during season.
Clearance/Tryout calendar:
Fall Tryouts- July 23- August 6, 2018
Winter Tryouts- October 29- November 9, 2018
Spring Tryouts- January 28- February 8, 2019
*Coaches may hold a tryout earlier for returning athletes. These tryouts must be completed during the current academic school year before June 8, 2018. Again, an athlete must be cleared prior to this date to tryout. We will not clear them past the tryout date.
QUESTIONS?  Please contact:
Patricia Pippen
Athletic Clerk
Dr. Katie Levensailor
Athletic Director